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Spring Fever

Spring Fever Artist relations management Production management Crew staffing Location scouting Project Management Talent Buying A Private Concert for the University of Oregon's Sigma Nu Fraternity
Spring Fever
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Case Study

No experience hosting a concert? No problem. KOM produced a private concert for the Sigma Nu fraternity at the University of Oregon. This exclusive event allowed students to take over a local venue with their favorite artist for one night. By bringing a global touring artist to Eugene, Oregon the audience enjoyed the super-star performance without having to venture far from campus. 

Spring Fever


With transparency through every step of the production process from the negotiation of the venue agreement, to the procurement of talent, to contacting an on-site medical team, and budget management, the student organizers were able to focus on hosting their guests while Kingdom of Mind brought the pieces together for the production - managing the project from initiation to close. Working within the parameters of the budget over the course of a five-month period, the dream of throwing a show became a reality for the University of Oregon’s Sigma Nu fraternity.


Services Provided:

Project Management, Venue Acquisition, Production Management, Vendor Procurement, Talent Buying, Artist Relations Management

Spring Fever
Spring Fever
Spring Fever


  1. LocationCan a national touring act be brought to the small town of Eugene, Oregon?
  2. VenueCan an appropriate venue be found near the university?
  3. NoveltyHaving never produced a concert, will the students be prepared to host the event?

Talent Buying
Leveraging existing relationships with talent agencies, KOM procured talent at the top of the client's wishlist for the private show in the tertiary market.
After conducting a site visit and location scouting, KOM facilitated rental agreement with a local venue, walking distance from campus.
The students' enthusiasm was channeled into the show to generate buzz around campus and create personal, branded touches including event merchandise.
Will Paustian “KOM gave us the most bang for our buck. Communication was constant. I knew what was going on the whole time. No surprises.”
Will Paustian
President, Sigma Nu University of Oregon
For KOM, the experience of making a client’s vision a reality is a reward in itself. The student organizers imbued the project with enthusiasm, even gifting the artist custom-designed event merch, making it that much sweeter when the lights went down and the room filled with energy to share in the live experience.

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