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Metropolis Music Festival

Metropolis Music Festival
Experience Dates:

03/09/18  – 03/11/18

Case study

What happens when you allow the heart to lead instead of fear? In this instance, a two-day, independently produced music festival. 

Recognizing the demand for programming in the northern California market of Sacramento, the Metropolis Music Festival was conceived. Featuring a predictive lineup of electronic artists over two days at the Gold County Fairgrounds, the sold-out show rocked the area with elevated production and artist curation.

Metropolis Music Festival

Engineering an Environment

The festival was engineered to feel like an underground event with the vaulted ceilings of the converted armory building containing the energy of the room. With speakers placed strategically throughout the venue, the audio was crisp while evenly distributing the bass of the subwoofers. The same intention went into the production design. Using an arched truss structure with dynamic lighting complemented by a video wall, the stage loomed large in front of the enlivened crowd with full visibility from anywhere in the venue.


Project Management, Event Production, Risk Management, Stakeholder Management, Production Management, Talent Buying, Artist Relations Management

Metropolis Music Festival
Metropolis Music Festival
Metropolis Music Festival


Collaboration with local authorities including the Fire Department, Police Department, and the state-owned venue operators was essential to executing the festival. 

Beyond the experience of the audience, it was critical to have a quality interaction with the community so that future programming would be welcomed at the fairgrounds. With respect for the locals guiding all project decision-making, careful risk management was carried out. Stakeholders’ requirements were upheld and the neighboring community continues to welcome live events.

Driven by the belief that any market, large or small, deserves quality live experiences, the KOM team aimed to immerse, using the production environment as the conduit for transporting the audience.
With a two-day load in and production gear sourced from across the state, the fair ground's Armory building was transformed into an underground venue.
Production operators controlled the visuals, lighting, and audio in tune with the crowd while artists were transported and hosted on-site. A state fairgrounds became a wonderland for two nights.
Metropolis Music Festival
John Haff I’m a big fan of your events. I went to Metropolis in March and it was an amazing night. You guys throw the best shows in Sacramento!
John Haff
Event Attendee
By the Numbers
Project Management, Event Production, Artist Relations, Customer Experience
A Multi-Day Festival Experience
Leading Bass Acts never before seen in the Sacramento Market
Tickets Sold
A Sold-Out Show

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