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Mercado Sagrado Fair

Mercado Sagrado Fair
Experience Dates:

11/16/19  – 11/18/19

Case study

 In the summer of 2019, KOM was engaged to project manage the Mercado Sagrado cultural fair, hosted in a protected wildlife park in the beautiful Calabasas region of California. Tasked with building an event site from the ground up, the team rose to the occasion by designing, managing, and operating the event - meeting the needs of diverse stakeholders and hosting over 10,000 attendees over two days. 

Mercado Sagrado Fair


The project objective was to create two-day art and cultural experience that embraced the best of the region's local crafts, food, and artisan vendors. Health, insight, and creativity were the guiding values for the project, with all design, curation, and production designs orienting around these pillars. The fair featured four unique activations - the Music Stage, Sight and Sound stage with multi-media presentations, the Fireside tent for lectures and speakers, and the Sanctuary for workshops and sound baths.

Local food vendors delighted guests with organic, healthy treats, and artists and craftsmen displayed their wares in the fair's marketplace.

Services Provided:

Project Management, Risk Management, Budget Management, Permit Acquisition, Site Management, Production Management, and Talent Relations Management

Mercado Sagrado Fair
Mercado Sagrado Fair
Mercado Sagrado Fair
Mercado Sagrado Fair


In addition to project managing the festival, Kingdom of Mind provided a team of experienced site managers, production managers, artist relations managers, and stage managers. A seasoned group, the team anticipated and met the needs of the crew, vendors, and attendees on-site. 

The presence of this experienced team allowed the event organizers to focus on relationship and brand management activities while the fair's production operations seamlessly unfolded due to months of careful planning. The project culminated in an all-around success for the event organizers, the community, and the protected park, with Mercado Sagrado invited back for future years. 


  1. WildfiresCan the production be safely activated and compliant so as to manage wildfire risk?
  2. PreservationHow can we leave the protected wildlife venue as we found it?
  3. Diverse StakeholdersWhat communication approach does each stakeholder group require to meet their needs?


Fire Safety
The Calabasas region had recently experienced severe wildfires, requiring additional safety and risk mitigation measures to be taken to execute the production. Plans were created in collaboration with the local firemarshall to reduce wildfire risk and water truck was kept on standby while generators were used.
Leave No Trace
A sustainable event site had to be designed that would be functional while upholding the values of preservation and protection of the venue’s natural ecosystem. The project team consulted with the National Park Service, Park Rangers, and neighborhood stakeholders to ensure that noise levels were moderate. A Clean Up Plan was in place to return the park to its thriving, natural state.
Stakeholder Communication
Key stakeholders included the Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority, the Health Department, the Fire Marshall, performing talent, participating vendors, and the Calabasas community. A Stakeholder Communication Plan and Matrix were created to manage communications with each stakeholder group.
Scott Hughes The Kingdom of Mind team took care of King Gillette Ranch like it was their own. They respected the environment, rangers, and community here and ensured that our preservation requirements were met. We were so impressed by their event logistics and planning. It was the smoothest load-out we've ever had at this property.
Scott Hughes
Mountains Recreation and Conversation Authority, Park Manager
Over the course of two days, arts, food and beverage, and cultural vendors engaged with the community while musical performances and lectures were given on four stages. With more than 100 vendors advanced, each with unique production needs, strong resource management was essential to transform the park into a hospitable space for the fair while preserving the environment.

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