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McKenna Palooza 2018

McKenna Palooza 2018
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Case study

In spring 2018 Kingdom of Mind was approached by an academic institution to produce an on-campus concert event, free for the students at the university. The project was a collaboration between Kingdom of Mind and the university's student government. KOM worked with the students and the administration to establish project requirements. McKenna Palooza 2018 was the first large-scale concert on the campus. Once an understanding of the event needs and desired outcomes were defined, KOM began collaborating with the students on the event committee to actualize the experience.

McKenna Palooza 2018


Featuring electronic, house artists SNBRN and DROELOE, KOM procured the top talent on the student's wishlist. Lending insight through the contract negotiation process and providing artist relations management services on-site, KOM ensured the needs of both the university and the talent were met. 

To execute this project, the KOM team built a venue from the ground up on the university’s sports field. Bringing in power, staging, production gear, site management resources, and more, the students entered another world of live music experience right at their doorstep.

McKenna Palooza 2018

Services Provided:

Project Management, Production Management, Talent Buying, Site Development, Artist Relations Management

McKenna Palooza 2018
McKenna Palooza 2018
McKenna Palooza 2018


From the outset, the students and the administration determined that the event be tied to a cause. After reviewing fundraising generation options presented by KOM, all ticket sales and event proceeds were donated to the charity partner, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Over $20,000 was raised for charity. 

With over three thousand people in attendance on the day of the show, the concert was an unmissable event on campus. Through sponsorship contributions, complimentary food and hospitality were provided to attendees. By bringing a live concert experience to the school, the event offered inclusivity and community with all students welcome to enjoy and in turn, contribute to a common cause. 


The project team intentionally organized separate and shared meetings with both stakeholder groups, administration and students, in order to gather candid project requirements.
Project plans were shared with both the Dean of Students and the Student Government, ensuring transparency in planning. Both stakeholder groups provided feedback on production designs, budgets, and talent buying decisions.
As important as executing the show was taking the time to teach along the way. The KOM team worked one-on-one with student organizers, building relationships and taking on a mentor role that extended beyond the event project.

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