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Club Claremont

Club Claremont
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Case study

Hosted annually in honor of a late student, the Club Claremont event holds meaning for the Claremont Colleges community. A celebration of life in every way, the annual on-campus concert offers students an opportunity to fondly remember their peer while savoring the joy that live music brings. With the significance of the event in mind, KOM got to work planning a concert experience that would transform the on-campus setting into a state-of-the-art venue.

Club Claremont


Leveraging sound, lighting, lasers, and the talents of professional production operators, the auditorium came to life for the night. For this event, the Kingdom of Mind team curated a line-up of all-female artists. Believing in the importance of providing platforms for women in the music industry, the event created connections between rising talent and a valuable college-age audience. The KOM team was proud to produce a concert event that held meaning for the audience and delighted by making a familiar environment on campus unreal for a few hours of celebration.

Services Provided:

Project Management, Production Management, Talent Buying, Artist Relations Management

Club Claremont
Club Claremont
Club Claremont


  1. LocationHow can the university encourage students to stay on campus over the weekend?
  2. AtmosphereCan a familiar campus space be transformed into a venue?
  3. SoundWhat genre of music will resonate most with the students?


Working in collaboration with the student government, a marketing campaign was launched. After weeks of digital and physical advertising, students were excited to attend the unmissable on-campus experience.
The campus auditorium was reimagined using lighting, video, lasers, and sound system, controlled by professional production operators.
Electronic music was the soundtrack of the night. A lineup of all female DJs was curated to promote diversity in talent.
Amadeo “Super pleased with the event. You told me to trust you and I did. You came through and made this event bigger than I thought capable. The buzz on campus is still going. I can’t wait to work on future events with KOM.”
Vice President of Student Activities
1,500 students attended the event, adding to Claremont McKenna College's on-campus entertainment programming initiatives to build community within the academic institution.

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