Kingdom of Mind: Episode 5 – Designing New Worlds

With a decade and a half of experience building new worlds through production design, Heather Shaw shares her vision of designing the future.

An exploration of journey and vision with Heather Shaw, CEO Vita Motus

As the CEO and Creative Director of LA-based design studio, Vita Motus, Heather Shaw has been redefining production design since founding the firm in 2006. Over the past fifteen years, Heather has led the Vita Motus team in designing and actualizing groundbreaking festival structures, art installations, TV sets,  tour stages, and products. Vita Motus’ clients include Cirque Du Soleil, Shakira, Kendrick Lamar, Mariah Carey, and Adidas.

Applying her technical design style to further live music experience, Heather collaborates with the festival producer, the DoLaB, to design mesmerizing structures that have been seen over the past decade at the Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle music festivals.

 In 2020, Vita Motus created an immersive environment within Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to host the DoLab’s first DGTL Lightning in a Bottle virtual experience. This spring, DGTL LIB 2.0 premiered with even more festival scenes, stages, and sets.

United in a mission to design the future, Vita Motus pushes boundaries to create and implement future-tech designs that bring the unimaginable to life. 

Vita Motus, Vita Motus Design Studio

Heather attributes Vita Motus’s decade and a half of innovation to “working hard, focusing on our passion, refusing to bend to adversity, and respecting our communities.”

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The episode 5 transcript can be found here.