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Kingdom of Mind: Episode 4 – Human Dignity & Building Community

Kingdom of Mind: Episode 4 – Human Dignity & Building Community Podcast
June 5, 2022

Kingdom of Mind: Episode 4 - Human Dignity & Building Community

Featuring Haley Miller

Driven by a mission to take care of people artist relations director, Haley Miller, commits herself to creating experiences that build a community for both the people enjoying and producing the show.

Beginning at electronic music promotions company Insomniac Events as a harm reduction volunteer when Insomniac produced a festival in her hometown of Rockdale, Texas Haley worked her way up through the company, eventually establishing the artist relations department at Insomniac before independently founding her artist relations operations business, aptly named, Hal Mill, LLC.

Over the past five years, Haley has directed artist relations operations for over 80 large-scale productions. Her business is built around her personal and professional values and the relationships that she nurtures.

A master of working in high-pressure environments and going above and beyond the scope of work, Haley puts respect and human dignity at the core of her operations.

Contact Haley Miller

  • Email: haley@halmill.com

Build Community

"To me, the most beautiful part is the community that we've created... That's the most rewarding out of everything we do is the community of people we have in our lives now."

Define The Industry Standard

I just wanted to be the best. Maybe I wasn't sometimes, but I always learned something and I still do. I will always learn something from every single show that I'm working on and my goal going into every show is to always be better. ..." 


Human Dignity

"I go into my life and my work by viewing everyone as equal and ensuring that we treat them all the same way."

Implement Feedback to Reach Your Potential

"I think feedback is the only way we can grow and move forward because you can self-reflect all day long but if you're not that good at reading yourself it doesn't really matter so we also have to value the opinions and feedback that other people give."


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