Kingdom of Mind: Episode 2 – Knowing Yourself & Your Mission

CEO of Doheny Security, Tamara Kaplan, speaks on the protection of entertainers, touring with K-Pop’s BLACKPINK, and knowing yourself. Self-awareness, prevention, resilience, belief in self, and equality propel her forward as she builds her Kingdom.

In conversation with Tamara Kaplan – CEO of Doheny Security

The protection of entertainers, touring with K-pop’s BLACKPINK, self awareness, and clarity in purpose.

Tamara Kaplan, CEO of Doheny Security, shares her mission in operating her private security business guided by her values and commitment to the well being of her clients and her team.

Tamara speaks on her journey into private protection, being a female leader in the male-dominated security field, the responsibility of protecting entertainers and her tour experiences with K-pop’s BLACKPINK.

Self-awareness, prevention, resilience, belief in self, and equality propel her forward as she builds her Kingdom.

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“You need to analyze yourself instead of analyzing other people”

I don’t think this is me. I need to get out of here.”

“I perform the best when my back is against a wall.”

“Music has always played a big role in my life as long as I can remember”


“With the entertainers you have to understand that what they need to focus on is their art so the last thing they need to worry about is their security. Our job is to make their life as normal as possible.”


“When I first started the business I didn’t have a client for two months. No income was coming and I had to be creative… You start to think about what can you do. I always have to use my brain and figure out a way out of any type of situation. Even if you’re in a bad neighborhood or your size is mismatched with a big guy. You either talk your way out of it or your come up with a plan. I can get myself out of any hole.”

Belief in Self

“I have always had that mentality that I can do anything anyone else can do.”

“Anything you do you need to have the utmost confidence in yourself and the way to get that confidence is to recognize what you need to improve.”


“When I got into the private sector I started finding out my male colleagues were making more money than me. That’s when I started thinking I need to take things into my own hands and start my own company. I wanted that equality and I wasn’t given that.”